Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pomegranate Cider

Breakfast with anits,
nap.. nap.. nap..
Printed photos, frames, latte.
Best dinner, with birthday pie.

Too much dinner, with birthday pie.
Drive up down around,
reminds me of yesterday.
Scary bridges and water sources,
Mekka is sneaky and closes 15 minutes early.

searching for Rubber Lake,
and duh,
We were right.
Bounce and glide but stuck like sand
Running slow motion.
Acid is building, and building,
my stomach starts to turn
and twist.

We hide in the shadows.

Climb the razor fence and we are safe.
Blue lights that stare you down,
Like a child who knows he's been bad.
Drive home
music off
Chamomile tea and rice cakes,

Good night moon.

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JD said...

Beautiful writing.