Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Because Everything Works In Your Arms

Last Wednesday, I flew down to visit my boyfriend in San Diego. The next morning, of course, I woke up with a 102 fever. It was a blessing in disguise, though, and gave us an entire day to lay low and spend quality time with each other.

Con Pane . Cat naps . Back rubs . Sunset Cliffs

I felt almost completely better by Friday morning. We took a trip to Balboa Park where we visited a few museums. We saw everything from beautiful Russian icons to Picasso and Miro. It was a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a day at the park. We are such old people.
Later that night, Andy took me to the Gas Lamp to Nobu Sushi. Holy moley, it was delicious. We got all dressed up and had a wonderful time.

Pretty sights . Bluefin tuna . Staircases . Night talks on a ledge

Saturday was a foggy day. We spent some time at the beach, walking along the rocks and talking on a blanket. Later that night we babysat Stephen and Jillian who live in Old Town. After babysitting, Andy proceeded to spend way too much money on us to see a movie and enjoy a few handfuls of popcorn.

Footprints in the sand . Car wash . Clone Wars . Wild Things

We spent Sunday morning at the church Andy is interning at. I met his crazy boys he spends every Wednesday with. Afterwards, we went to the mall with a few of the youth kids and grabbed some lunch. "It means handsome one!" -Jake
Sunday night was "man night" for Andy and I. Miguel's dinner, cigars, night walks and the prettiest view.

Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop . Cheese dip . Holding pinkies

Six-thirty wake up calls.
I came home yesterday (Monday), but before I left, we packed my things up, and headed to the Living Room for some coffee. Andy and I spent some time on a bench looking at the bay before I flew back home.

Fit like puzzle pieces . Goodbyes . Sudoku . Green tea and Sugar in the raw

Bye bye boyfriend. See you in thirty-three!

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