Friday, October 2, 2009

Give Her Butterflies

I like hike days. This sign reminded me of how excited I am to see Where the Wild Things are. I saw it and instantly thought of the wild things and their scraggly fur. haha

Carvings in the bridge. I went on a little hike at Bridgeport. Just a few miles of silence and peace. It gave me a lot of time for reflection and just focusing on the beauty of my surroundings. There were a few people gold panning in the river, and it was so cute. I haven't seen people gold pan in a while. Oh Nevada County.

Pretty moss. Macro is my life.

It is Autumn. I love it. The leaves are starting to turn pretty colors, and trees cut down are drying out and blending in with its surrounding. Autumn is so warm.

Bridgeport insides. No guts, I promise. Just pretty windows shining in glimpses of light. It is quiet and cool inside. Peaceful moments in chaotic times.

Good day. White butterflies crossed my path. Good luck.
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