Sunday, October 4, 2009

You Make Me Want To Dance!

Tonight was Nevada Union's homecoming dance. Weird.. It's already been two years since I last attended one. My little sister went to her first high school dance. Weird weird. She is so grown up. This was her cute punky hip outfit that I adore. Hair and shoes from me, she bought the dress herself and added a touch of rebel with the little bandana. She is just too precious.

I am proud of my little shister. She is turning into a great little lady. I love her.
Speaking of sisters, I miss big shister Moorea. I want my trinity of sisters to be together again. Moo Moo, you are not alone in that. I miss you a million times over, and cannot wait to see you again.

Question of the blog:
I am all about Bjork right now, which is weird for me because I have never really liked her. Probably because of the Bjork cult following popularity and songs that are just too confusing for me to understand or appreciate. But I am coming out of the Bjork closet and I am saying I enjoy her music. I have been listening to this and smiling as I watch. I like this song because it is very childlike and comforting in that way. The tune just reminds me of little kid memories. I love it.

I wouldn't consider it a guilty pleasure for me to listen to her music, but I do have a few bands that I am just so embarrassed about, but I absolutely love them. What are your guilty pleasure bands?

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