Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Alexandra Vs. Big Toes

(You and I, and the other eight, when we're getting along. The good old days.)

Dear Big Toesies,
Let me start off by telling you how much I truly appreciate your existence. I learned once that if you didn't have a big toe, you couldn't balance. So thanks for being there for me. You are a great help when I want to be really tall, and you are so patient when I choose to squeeze you into tiny little shoes and really high heels. You look so great in those teal and black pumps.
I want to apologize for this summer. I know I didn't protect you as best as I could have, and there were consequences. You we bruised at points, and blistered at others. I thought I learned how to properly protect you, but lately, I've been slacking. I am so sorry you, I mean I, am in so much pain right now. I'm sorry that I keep hitting you on things. You are fair toes, so I don't know why you're in the way all the time lately. I mean I almost cried at work tonight because you hurt so bad.
Or you know, maybe it's all your fault you are bruised and broken right now! Maybe it's you that is to blame! I challenge you to a fight, big toes of mine. Tomorrow, we settle this at the doctor. Either I've been careless, or there's something wrong with you! There will only be one winner!
Alexandra Seal

PS Until the doctor's appointment, I promise to be as gentle with you as possible. I'll wear my Teva's because closed toed shoes hurt too much. I will take care of you, despite our friendly competition.

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