Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Alexandra's Wreck Journal: Part 5

Woohoo! Look what I got in the mail yesterday!

Andy filled out a few pages, and sent my Wreck Journal right on back to me. I'll be honest, I was going through withdrawals (more Andy withdrawals than Wreck Journal).

1. Tape This Journal Closed. Mail It To Yourself. Andy did the honors, and mailed it home in this fashion. I hope this made a few people smile on the way.
2. Scribble Wildly, Violently, With Reckless Abandon. I am positive Andy used one of his precious pens to scribble on this page. He is one of the few people I know who have this obsession with owning a million of only one model of pen. I'm the type of person that as long as it's black or red ink, and it works, I'll use it.
3. Tear Out. Crumple. I like the journal entries that have dimension to them, because when I close my Wreck Journal and look at the edges, it looks worn.

Thank you Andy, for helping me destroy my journal a little more! See you in less than 6.

Question of the blog:
Tonight, I made a quick detour to Save Mart and bought some M&M cookies, which are the best. What is your favorite type of cookie?

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