Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Great Rainbow Cake: The Next Generation

Good evening, friends! As you might know, Andy and I made a great rainbow cake a few days ago. To see a few photos and the recipe itself, go to my original post here. My wonderful long-distance friend, Symone, saw my post and tried out the recipe herself. Here was her result!

I'm glad to hear that my recipe instructions worked out well for another person. I encourage you to try making a rainbow cake yourself! And if you do, please send me some of your photos so we can smile together!

Question of the blog:
This one is a question I would REALLY love for you to answer. After this fun baking adventure, I have had this excitement for working in the kitchen and trying new things. So here is my question: Would you like me to start posting a series of fun recipes, with photos and such? I think it would be a fun little series of blogs. I don't know, let me know. You're the ones reading this thing.


Chelsie said...


Moorea Seal said...

YES RECIPES!!!!!! i rarely cook. and when i do, it is lame. i need inspiration!

also, recipes are a great way to get people to read your blog. :)

Symone said...

Yes, show more recipes! It's fun to try to make new things, especially if they are as fun as rainbow cake!! :)