Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Life And Times

Hello friends. This is sort of a color-coded blog. I guess I just have some catching up and explaining to do. So we'll start with this. The other day was a turquoise day. I love when I get in my car, and the sun is shining ever so perfectly that my clothes sort of light up the inside of my car.

A lot of my days are spent solo. I've learned to like it that way. It's a peaceful solitude that gives me time to think, for now. I have a lot of things to think about right now. But sometimes, I just need a friend right next to me. When I can't have that, I just want to just scream red! But it's teaching me patience. So I go to the fairgrounds, and take my box of fried rice, and I read on my own. I'm learning to be on my own.

Something that has always been incredibly important to me, is capturing moments. I'm a forgetful person. God built this beautiful person that I have come to love as myself, but I'm a bit broken. I am forgetful, and I lose sight of what once was. I love looking back at silly photos and just chuckle at my life. Welly has been doing this thing where he will sneak up on me while I'm on my computer. My bed is right behind, so while I'm at my desk, he hops up onto my shoulder and rests half his body on me. It is so cute, and brings a little sunshiney yellow to my days.

There is someone very close to me whose spiritual life completely changed mine in high school. I have always struggled with the expectations of what a priest's daughter should do, and in a sense I took those expectations and felt very discouraged by them. When I met Jillian, I introduced her to the Christian life, and the other day she reminded me of the importance I was to her in that time. I don't think she will ever know what an impact she made in my life at that time, and how much she inspired me to learn and grow in my faith, so that I could properly minister to other people. Her clay stained hands have molded me into a better person, that I am proud of today.

Today, I bought glasses. They are for times where I am studying, or reading, or on computers. They are a pretty brown/light blue/teal combo, and I like them. While I was at the optometrists, I was taking photos of the glasses, and of my dad and I. A man asked me if I was a photographer.
Am I a photographer?
I don't know, really. I mean maybe. Wikipedia defines me as a photographer. But more importantly, do I consider myself one? I have yet to decide. It's a browned down type of passion. Not one I want to flaunt, just something I want to share with the world.

That's why I'm writing to you, for you. I want to share my life, my times, with you. Whether it's black and white, or I'm living my life in technicolor, I hope you and I can share that together. Am I a photographer? Maybe. But let's go on that journey together, and we'll figure some things about all of us on the way.
Thank you for coming along with me!

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LOVE you.
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