Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Association Writings

Knees shake,
A balance beam between earth and sky.
The sun beams, the wind blows,
and we know it is beautiful before we see.

You and I,
we trek down to where our spot is.
Blanket, water, book, flannel,
one great rock to hold us as we bask.

River cries,
Tearing down the way it's always gone.
The cove we're in keeps us warm,
throwing sound around and above.

Bodies shiver,
winds snap back at us as we lay.
Little red, she writes and writes,
the free association that circles her.

Songs remain,
ones of intertwined fingers, yours and mine.
The banjo still plays in my head,
strumming with the river and the sunlight.

(Jillian Downs and I. Yuba River, 2010)

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