Monday, March 15, 2010

Days Past

Septum piercings, squinty eyes. Signs of the days of high school graduation.

After almost a year of being in sparse contact with one of my favorite people in this world, I finally found my Canadian missionary friend's email. That last part doesn't make sense. My friend Brian Preece is a missionary up in Canada, and I didn't have his email until now.
Moving on. In his email, he asked to send a few photos of adventures from the summer of 2008, known as the best summer ever. After looking at all of this and being filled with nostalgia, among other emotions, I decided I might as well share some with you. And here we go!

Oh, Disneyland. This was the first trip for all of us that really signified our independence. Somehow, all of our parents agreed we could drive to LA for 4 days and play in Disneyland. It was awesome. Definitely a great last Hooray for our choir group.

Oh Brian, always causing some commotion. I don't know how he obtained this, but Annie's children are to be Brian's slaves in the future. Doesn't make sense to me either. This was on the way to Disneyland.

Senior ball 2008. Annie and I got ready together, and after Facebooking and watching movies too long, we realized we had NO time to get ready for ball, so we both went overboard on our makeup and didn't have time to fix it. And then I went with Galen Fraser, who wore a white tux. And it was my birthday. What a night.

Ah, the many days of clay class, where Jacob Moultrie and I would hang out, make ugly clay masks that resembled pigs and mythical animals with tusks. This was the last day of clay, where Mr. Slavonic the clay teacher gave me one last speed walking lesson. He's professional.. But I mean that.

Practicing for graduation. There was WAY too much drama going into this line of people, and where we would sit, and such as. In the end, we had smiles on our faces (most of us) and proceeded to graduate without too much more angst (except for reactions to my septum) and then spent all night dancing and having fun at Grad Night.

It's been a while since I looked at these. When I looked at these photos a year after them being taken, I thought, this feels like yesterday. To be honest, it doesn't anymore. It's crazy to think that none of us are the same. That's not a bad thing at all! The way life plays out is just funny though. I do miss each and every one of the people that were part of my life the summer of graduation. Despite not being where we all were back then, it's beautiful to see each person growing up individually. It'll be crazy to reunite with everyone at our reunions..

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