Monday, March 1, 2010

Interviewed! Analyzed!

The other day, I went in for a job interview for Valentina's. I'm not looking for a new job (I love working at Sushi Q), just looking for a second place to work so I can save money for my trip.
The interview was so interesting! This is how it went. I sat on the couch, and Ron brought me his lap top. On the screen, there were three columns of words, like rebel, organized, assertive, etc.. And I had to rate each one, 1-5, 1 being that's not me at all, to 5 being very me. After filling that out, he printed my results out and handed me a few pages of my personality according to my answers. It was so crazy how a person can be figured out just by rating a few words on a computer, and how accurate it really is!

Conformist is your strongest characteristic. This means that 60% of your personality is based upon this trait. As a conformist, you enjoy itemizing things, making lists so as to keep proper priorities in mind. You have a sense of fairness and decency, and are angered by things which you feel are otherwise. You have a strong dislike of criticism. You appreciate respect for your position. You like traditional things, and are very conscious of what is "right and wrong". You feel a loyalty and duty to those around you.
Submissive is your secondary characteristic. As a submissive, you enjoy a peaceful mellow environment. You prefer an agreeable atmosphere, without antagonism. You enjoy being given tasks to perform that are within your skill and ability to do. You prefer to act on decisions made by others, not making the decision yourself. (ANDY.)
Trustworthy. You can be counted on to keep your word and to perform honorably.
Cautious. You are careful, wary of anything which might possibly present a danger to your proficiency.
Agreeable. You are eager to work with others, usually willing to follow the plans established by management.
Modest. You are moderate in your habits, without extremes.
Gentle. You do not force your way. You try to deal kindly with others.
Steady. You act in a regular, constant fashion, not swaying between extremes.
Kind. You are of a friendly nature, generous or hospitable. You are warm-hearted.
Factual. You make your decisions based on raw data and available fact. You may make a decision contrary to your gut feeling because the facts say otherwise.

There were four pages of information, and I'm sure you aren't willing to read all of it, nor am I willing to type that all for you. But I think these are the most agreeable things presented on there, and the most interesting.. Unless you find submissive conformists like me intolerable, and uninteresting. In which case you can just ignore this and all my blog posts! Ha.
All in all, I think they really liked me, and that they liked the person I presented myself as, and the personality they surveyed on their lap top. If you're interested in taking the personality test, the website is called
I hope I got the job!

Question of the blog:
I know how I answered, but I'll ask you a few questions from the personality test!
Answer from a scale 1 (not at all) to 5 (very like you)
- Rebel
- Steady
- Cautious
- Outgoing
- Fluent

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Moorea Seal said...

5 - Rebel
3 - Steady
3 - Cautious
3 - Outgoing
4 - Fluent