Friday, August 28, 2009

Can You Paint With Alllll The Colors Of The Winddd

I was thinking about photography today, as I sat by the river and looked around me.

Sometimes little pictures flash in my mind, so I take a photograph.

I feel such a connection to photography because it is sort of like a display of how I view those little snapshots in my brain.

I wouldn't count myself a great photographer, but I find such passion in the hobby and pleasure in the result because I feel as though I have learned to recreate how I view things sometimes.

That is where I think good photography comes from- the soul of yourself.

So that's why I'm passionate about the photographs I take, because in them I feel like I can recreate that little bit of heaven I see in everything.

And I think that everyone has the ability to find heaven in the things around them. Whether it's photography or not, recognizing and capturing that beauty is important.

Seeing the heaven around you, recognizing it, capturing it. And sharing it with others, in hopes of opening their eyes to see that God is all around us and the beauty he has created on earth is just a glimpse of what is to come.

Question of the blog:
I love photography, but I will admit it: I'm awful at black and white photography! I think it's because when I have those little mental snapshots, I imagine them with such vivid color and contrast, I can't take that away in my photography. Another weird thing about me, is that I almost always dream in black and white. So my questions for you is, 1. Do you prefer black and white or color photography? and 2. Do you dream in black and white or in color?


Moorea Seal said...

You know, in editing my photos to be black and white, the only thing that actually produces a good black and white is through photoshop and messing with the levels in the black and white feature. anything other photo editing program sucks. I generally like color photos better just because color is so incredible to me. i think so much thought and emotion can be conveyed through color. black and white can be very dramatic, but color just does something special for me.

ps, i am so excited to see your photography skillz excel with a fancy camera. I am OBSESSED with my new camera. I have been saving and saving and now its inm y hands and i can't believe it!

as mom would say, "I caaauuunt beee-L-EYE-vite!!" good british accent mom. what a silly girl.

Rebecca said...

OMG your mumm quotes victor meldrew? too cute :) Alexandra, your photos are amazing, I could spend hours on FB looking through them all :) Like Moorea says, when your camera gets replaced, there will be no stopping you. you have a knack for composition, and lighting that takes some people years to master (trust me, I'm still trying) I love love love your photos.