Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Circle, Circle, Dot Dot

Sometimes I like to resort back to my childhood, even for just a few minutes.
Today, I taught Andy how to make cootie catchers. Remember cootie catchers? They were freakin awesome back in the day. You'd write all the cute boys in your class and whoever you got on the cootie catcher would be your one true love or something. It was great.
Anyways, we made a couple today! And it was so fun. He made a creatures-of-the-sea one, and I could not stop laughing at all the creatures he had written.

Love it. I got a Narwhal one time! Hahah oh goodness. I encourage you to make a cootie catcher if you haven't made one in the last.. 10 years of your life. Resort back to your childhood for a little bit, you deserve it.

Speaking of cooties, this makes me laugh so hard. Enjoy!

Question of the blog:
At one point in my childhood, I seriously believed in cooties. I did not want to touch boys (except for beating that kid up when I was in 4th grade. Some how, I did not obtain cooties from that contact.) Did you ever believe in cooties? How did they affect your childhood?


miles b. said...

circle circle dot dot? is that a jamie kennedy reference?

Alexandra said...

"circle, circle, dot, dot, now you've got the cootie shot"
That is the vaccination for cooties.

Marcelina said...

that video was amazing!!!
when i was younger, i used to make cootie catchers with dares on the inside...