Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Sound Of It All

Do you have friends that are super awkward when it is silent? I don't like that. In fact, that has to be one of my only requirements in a friendship: comfortable silence. Even up to a few years ago, I did not understand the importance of silence in my life. I walked around with my headphones in at all times, I surrounded myself with people who didn't just talk- but they talked a lot. At one point I recognized that something was missing in my life. It might have been peace, it might have been relaxation in general. What I did need to change was the amount of silence in my life. It took a while to become the more silent person I am today, but now I feel comfortable in silence.
Some days, I just roll down all the windows and turn off my iPod and just listen to the wind. Sometimes I don't want to watch movies because I just don't want the empty noise. Some days I just choose not to hang out with people. A lot of people have been offended by that, but I promise you, it's just me. Sometimes I just need to appreciate the importance of being quiet.
I guess that's why I never feel too awkward in silence.. I've just learned to appreciate it. That might also be why I'm so weird on the phone, because silence on the phone is just that. Weird. So sorry if we ever talk on the phone and I seem uncomfortable.. i don't mean to be!

Question of the blog:
Sometimes I listen to music that reminds me of silence. I know that makes no sense, but listening to Sigur Ros gives me memories... Like I'm looking back in time, and I'm not listening to music. I guess you would only understand if you tried it. Are there any bands that have no direct correlation to your memories, that still bring back memories despite?


Allie said...

Guess what?! I saw your picture on!! Isn't that so funny?!

Marcelina said...

I know what you mean about comfortable silence. I love being around people and talking about life, but some of the best moments i've shared with my friends are ones when i've just enjoyed being near them and in their presence and felt loved by them without needing to fill the silence. Like in the car with my hand out the window or sitting on the grass looking at the sky or lounging on the couch reading; we are at peace and are sharing that peace without needing to saying anything at all.