Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Points

Point one.
How comforting is it to open your eyes and see someone there for you? Not just near you or around you, but for you.

Point two.
I was talking with Andy about self-worth and I realized that I have improved so greatly in the past year. I struggled a lot last year with feeling like I was worth it and that I was good enough, and it took a lot for me to recognize that I was trying to think the wrong way. In fact, God does think I am good enough, no matter what mistakes I have made and continue to make. I am worth it. I am worthy only because of the grace and forgiveness that I have been given. It is so beautiful! Just thinking about how I felt so unworthy of things... I deprived myself of the things that I needed as a human. "We accept the love we think we deserve." I know now that I do deserve a lot more than what I gave myself.


Mollie Underwood said...

i really liked this a lot

Moorea Seal said...

girl I think we experienced similar freshman year ish. At one point freshman year I thought it was a good idea to try to see if I could completely rid myself of "desire." desire for anything, even the things that were healthy for me like seeking happiness etc. what an idiot. oh youth, and the stupid things you forget like, hello, God loves you and sees your deepest worth and wants you to know that you are AWESOME. doi.

miles b. said...

toldja so :)