Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is an off day, alright?
I want my independence. Today I bought my own groceries, I listened to the music that I bought myself, and I made my own plans for the day.
Then I went home to put my groceries in my parent's fridge. I turned off the iPod my dad bought me for my birthday. And I had to reschedule my plans because of a dentist's appointment.
Sometimes I think that I am in a bad mood but I realize that I am just not satisfied with my current state. And that's always true with me. I am always growing, always changing, always learning, and I know that I need it. It's just a stretch when I realize that I rely so much on other people, and then I turn back to my baby ways. It's true, and this I do recognize: I cannot be very independent. I would be no where without my family and without their help and support. I just feel like such a burden sometimes because I am still at home.
Many of my dear friends are leaving for college soon. Some for the second time around and many for the first. Sometimes God just puts me in pickles where one of me says, "Get me out of here! Independence!" and the other part asks, where has my childhood run to?

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miles b. said...

you are not a burden, and your childhood lasts as long as you make it. :)