Monday, August 10, 2009

What Is It About...

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Grape-nuts? They are so great. For the past week, I can't stop eating at least two bowls a day. They don't even taste that good, but I can't resist them. I sort of go through food obsessions for a while.
It first started my freshman year of high school, where I could and would eat an entire bag of Pirate's booty and still crave more. I spent a lot of money that.

Next was Oregon Chai Tea. I still love Oregon Chai a whole lot, but I cannot eat Pirate's Booty, and have not eaten it for about 4 years.

Then came colored Goldfish. I remember the moment I decided to stop eating them: my dad bought me a 3 pound container of colored goldfish, and I opened it and almost threw up. I still don't eat colored goldfish much..

I have a lot of silly food things. From about January to June, I made stir fry almost every day. I love how simple it is and yet it tastes so gooood (Agustus Gloop voice). Just throw some vegetables in a pan with oil and soy sauce and pile it on some rice. Comfort food.

I also have this thing for cheese and crackers. Carr's table water crackers and some Colby Jack cheese, and I am in heaven.

Now that I've ranted about all of this food, I think it's time to overeat and wipe out everything from my kitchen. camp has made my stomach grow 25789 times the size it was in May, which serves me no good besides an epic food baby.

Question of the blog:
Is there any food that you think you could just never get sick of? Why do you like it so much?

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miles b. said...

teriyaki rice bowls from charlie hong kong. I've been eating two a day.