Friday, August 21, 2009

Heidi Klum, Death In the Chair, and Wisdom Teeth

Well, this blog was going to be a step back in time where I would have posted a picture from this date on a previous year. It just so happens to be that last year on this day, I had my wisdom teeth removed. All I can say is that there are no pictures from that day that should be released on the internet.
I don't know if I've already told this story on my blog, but here it is. I went into the oral surgeons around this time of day, on this day, last year. As they put on the laughing gas, I smiled and it was great. All of a sudden I thought of the movie, "Awake" which I had not seen but I had watched commercials. I started thinking, oh my gosh. They are going to put me under and then they are going to kill me. I am going to die in this chair. And I was freaked out! But I couldn't stop smiling!!!! So here I am, this pathetic girl strapped into a dentists chair smiling on the verge of tears.
As the oral surgeon came in, I hear, "Are you related to Seal?" Unintentionally smiling, I said, "nooo..." The two nurses were walking right behind him and as they sat down, one said, "Did you know he's married to Heidi Klum?" The surgeon sits down to poke me in the arm. "And they have two kids or something."
I look up, feeling drunk and sloppy from the laughing gas, and said, "Heidi Klum is the director of project runway!"
The surgeon said, "What?"
"Heidi Klum is the director of project runway!"
And I was out. A couple of hours later (I think?) I went home with ice packs strapped on my face, pissed to be alive. I slept. I iced. I refused to see people. Oh and then I started school two days later!
Worst decision ever. Learn from my mistake- give your face at least a week to heal before you go to your first day of college.
I'll spare you from the "healing" weeks to come in my story, but let me tell you I honestly thought I was going to die at two points in the healing process because of some... technical difficulties in my system. Vicodin and Zandra do not mix.

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miles b. said...

ha poor baby pandas. pfft I didn't even use pain killers! just sucked on teabags for a week straight.