Monday, August 31, 2009


I decided that I need to wait a week or so before buying this camera. What I do know is that I have the money, and I'm going to buy a D40x. But my current life situation makes me too nervous and stressed out to think about a camera right this moment. With that being said..

San Diego plans are a-changing. I know I will make it down there, but I'd rather have people drive down with me. So here is a general announcement-

If you live in the Nevada County area and/or you are in between NC and San Diego, and want to join me for the drive down there and back up, I'd be willing to pick you up and drop you off wherever. I'm leaving early Friday morning and will be coming home Monday early afternoon. I'll take you down and bring you back up if you could help out with gas money. I will be busy all weekend but if you have people to see and places to go and somewhere to stay at night, I'm willing to take you to your San Diegan destination at those two times. Please contact me asap if you are interested.


Moorea Seal said...

wait, what car are you taking? not the mini van are you? yikes!

Alexandra said...

Honda Fit yo!

Moorea Seal said...

awesome. also, SUCKY, that was the best video snippet Ive seen in awhile. good one.