Saturday, August 15, 2009

Touch The Sky

Gravity pulls me as I fly down towards the earth,
My heart beats fast and I can feel my skin sagging down like a woman after many long hard years.
I am pushing myself downwards so that maybe something will be there to lift me up in return.
And I focus on that pull, of the intensity at how bad the earth wants to be close to me.
I hit the center mark, and am shot.
I fly like a free bird soaring on the most glorious sunset wind,
And I am free,
I push my chest out and breath in to clean air and I open my eyes as I near towards the sky,
The wind kisses my forehead, kisses my cheeks.
Holds me tight, not for long enough.
as I sail backwards towards the earth, and I fall. Fall. Fall.

But the pendulum keeps going and I keep swinging on that rusty swing with a blue seat and I am touching the chains that hold me safe and they are old and worn out but so shiny and they keep shining and I will keep swinging as long as my heart is beating and my feet keep pushing until there is nothing left to swing for and sometimes all you need is to swing life away and that moment you touch the sky and you feel like you could shoot on forever and never touch this earth again you are kissed and comforted and then he lets you go.

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