Saturday, August 22, 2009


This week:
1. Go somewhere out of Nevada County. Santa Cruz?
2. Buy material for Miles's sweatshirt.
3. Think about getting my hair trimmed.
4. Don't be lazy. Exercise every day even if just for a little bit.
5. Stay busy.
6. Finish Mere Christianity.
7. Figure out work situation.
8. Plan for labor day weekend.

This is how I feel I have changed recently.
1. I am more forgiving. I am learning to let things go.
2. I feel as inspired as ever for some things. I guess I've always felt inspired, but lately...
3. I have become much more independent. This summer helped me a lot, because I was put in a position of responsibility over lots of little girls each week. Keeping them safe, happy, and busy on my own gave me the opportunity to learn to rely on myself instead of searching for what other people needed me to do.
4. Lately, I have been inspired to be more spontaneous. Snaps to Andy for helping me out.
5. I am inspired to do well in school. I will stay inspired.

I need to work on:
1. Staying in contact with close friends that are leaving. I need your help, too though. Please be patient and don't expect me to put all the effort into our friendship. I need help from you too.
2. Getting in shape. In more shape? Better? What?
3. Being okay with living at home.

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