Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mere Faith: Raised On Holidays

I met a nice man today at work (I worked at Caroline's today. First time working at little store in over a year). I didn't catch his name, so we will just call him Bulgariaman. As I was making drinks for him and his surely high maintainance girlfriend (or at least what I got from her phone call to him), he saw I had been reading Mere Christianity. After a bit of small talk about The Chronicles of Narnia and such, he asked if I was religious. I explained I was raised in a Christian household and that my dad was an Anglican priest. When I was around 17 I experienced much religious freedom and was given the opportunity to decide for myself. I chose Christianity anyways.
I asked Bulgariaman about his faith, and he said, "I was raised... Confused." He explained that his mom was Catholic and his father was Jewish, so he was raised with both religion's holidays. "Then they both said, 'eff it,'" Bulgariaman said, "and we all stopped altogether. Now, if anything, I'm probably Buddhist.. But I don't know any of the sayings or anything."
I finished his drinks, he paid for them and proceeded to the door. "Have a nice day," I said, just like I say to everyone. "You too," Bulgariaman replied, still standing there. I said I'd see him around but he replied with "I'm heading back to Bulgaria, so if you're around in a year I'll see you around!"
It truly makes me sad to hear about situations like his family. Faith has to be the single most important thing in my life, and I can't imagine failing my child like that, making him think that his faith is reduced to mere holidays and an "eff it" point of view. I will not fail the family of my future like that.

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