Monday, August 24, 2009

To Get Away For Just A Moment

For a silly hometown girl like me, you wouldn't think that I'm very adventurous. But YEAH. I consider myself somewhat adventurous. I could try to please you with all of the things I consider to be adventurous...but...
Despite anything protruding from my lips or being typed upon this keyboard, you may still think I'm pathetic and a total baby. I'm not! I'm not!
I was thinking about a future adventure today. I've always wanted to try sky-diving...
But then I look today at some of my friend's pictures.. They've all done that! How lame! I'm going to do something else. I can't be adventurous if everyone else is doing it. My boyfriend has been a great help in the spontaneous/adventurous aspect of my life. I'm glad there is a person in my life that feels comfortable just up and going to Tahoe with me for the afternoon, or taking someone to their work 25 minutes away because they ran out of gas. It's wonderful to know people that inspire your spontaneous side. I feel like there are a lot of things on our list to do that could be really, like visiting Yosemite, or spear fishing, or going to Costa Rica. One thing I would love to do would be to visit an Amish group and live with them for a while. I feel like even simple things like cooking new dishes is a break away from ordinarity.

Okay, I know "ordinarity" isn't a real word, but I think it should be.

There are some ideas that are just fun ones I might never get around to doing in my life, but at least the dream of it is there, and that's really exciting to me. That being said I love having adventurous people in my life, they make me feel like I'm not just a fool wanting to do things out of my ordinary schedule.
Screw the Bucket List, I want to do adventurous things now.

Question of the blog:
What is on your list of adventures?

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