Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Air Conditioning and Night Classes

I was looking at my No Shave November pictures from last year and I can safely assume that I probably haven't shaved my legs in two weeks. This summer, showers were such a beautiful, glorious, but rushed thing at camp. I think I just haven't gotten out of that mode, because pruney fingers scare me and shampooing, conditioning, and washing my body can't take more than 10 minutes. Oh riiight. Shaving my legs.. Forgot about that one for quite a bit, huh. So sorry all those people in my classes the last two days that had to bear watching my leg hair stick out of my goose bumps in those freezing classes. I promise next time they will be shaved.. Or I'll just wear pants, depending on my laziness.

Question of the blog:
Do you participate in No Shave November?

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Anonymous said...

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