Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Broken Arms and Head Injuries

Every week at Bible Study Fellowship, we get these little papers with our lesson on them. All week I have been smelling something odd in my room, something that reminded me of paper covered beds, long hallways, and butt-bearing robes. Yeah, it smells like the hospital. And it sorta weirds me out.

By the way... Most embarrassing moment of my week/month/life so far: I left Caroline's little store today with my iced latte on my roof. A guy drove by pointing and laughing, and I thought, "huh, I have never seen him before." I pull out, and reach down to get a sip. Eff, I said to myself, that's why he was laughing. Eff. Eff. I wonder if it's still on there. I pull in to the Holiday Lodge, and get out to see if it's still on there... Hoping that I could finish off the 14 ounces of the drink I still had left in my 16 ounce cup. Not there. Okay maybe it just flew off down by Caroline's... I'm not worrying. I pull around, and there lies my cup, with milk everywhere, and ice, and a straw. Gleaming in the sun in all it's glory. On the side of the road, and some random raggedy lady is picking up my mess. I pull by, make an awkward smirk of a face like, She knows it's me. Heh. Don't hate me? I wave and mouth, "THANK YOU." To her, and then realize how close "thank you" looks like "eff you" so yeah that's awkward. I pulled away as fast as possible, and I am pretty sure I haven't laughed as hard and as long since post-Luminaria nights at camp. I laughed all the way to school, and then cried in my car from laughing so hard. I must have looked like a psycho woman today. Scatterbrained Sally.

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Chelsie said...

and this is one of the many reasons why I love you.