Thursday, September 24, 2009

Love You, Mr. B

There is nothing more beautiful to me than children and music. And divas make it even better. Passionate teachers give me hope in this world, and you can tell that the kids are passionate because of his teaching. Ugh, I just love this. Makes me want to be a music teacher....

These videos come from the music teacher's own YouTube account, and he has a bunch of videos of his students performing, as well as just being silly and fun divas. It is apparent how much soul the kids have for the music, I wish all kids had this opportunity to learn music with a teacher like that.

Almost all of the songs they perform are ones that were requested by the kids. I would have loved to sing my favorites as a kid... Not "The Cat Came Back" every day of my 6th grade!

Loves it.

Question of the blog:
I know many of my friends already want to be teachers... But if you had to be a school teacher, which subject would you want to teach?


Chelsie said...

ME ME ME ME! I am majoring in History Education and minoring in English Ed. I have the most inspirational history teacher my junior year of high school that made me want to major in history ed. I am sure that everyone in his class loved history that year, because of the way he taught us and the way his love for it passed to us.

I bet you anything that more then the average number of kids from that chorus class will want to be music teachers.

MiSaO1990 said...

I want to teach the 6th grade! I looooove that age, and I find them so much fun to be around. But I wouldn't mind being a choir teacher, either :]