Thursday, September 17, 2009

Story Of A Champion

Math kills me.
Stay positive... Stay positive...
I will pass this test today.
Blueberry pancakes with mom this morning,
missing my boy and pretending to be old.
Twenty seven days.
Wellington sleeps in the nook of my knees,
keeping me company all through the night.
Headaches and back pains,
remind me to drink more water.
Preparing for hell Saturday 2009:
On occasion I decide to work more than I can handle.
630am-1pm at Caroline's,
Four hours later, work at Sushi Q.
What keeps me afloat?
D60 baby should arrive by Wednesday.
Even Monday if I'm lucky!
Working my way back to financial security.
Weather forecast predicting good things.
Good things, good thoughts, good answers,
good dreams, good day.

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