Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shine On Until Morning

As I was driving to Caroline's this morning (the only way I could have suppressed the loss of $630 was by getting a latte), I was reminded of this memory I had from when I was a kid.
When my family went on long trips down to Long Beach to visit our extended family, I would sleep and sleep all through the early morning, and I remember waking up to little shiny glitters on the ceiling, like Tinker Bell was dancing around my car. It was my mom's watch reflecting the sun into our car, shattering it into tiny glistening dancers around the roof. I loved seeing that, it was so comforting to me.

Question of the blog:
As a kid, I vividly remember my mom wearing this necklace with colorful wooden fish, and my dad wearing a Saint Christopher pendant with a shark tooth on a necklace. Do you remember any specific jewelry your parents wore when you were a kid?

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Moorea Seal said...

oh hey weird, my parents wore those SAME THINGS! oh... we were birthed from the same crazy momma.