Wednesday, September 23, 2009

With Love,

Dear nose,
Please stop sniffling. I know you get irritated by the kitties and I promise I will not sleep with big kitty any more. It's not worth it to you! I will still play with him, but you can count on me to wash my hands before I itch you. Thank you for doing a decent job at smelling lately. It really makes me frustrated when I can't use you when I sleep though, because I don't like breathing through my mouth when I'm dozing off.

Dear ears,
I don't know why you are achy lately. It is hard to sleep when both of you hurt, so I'm glad it's usually just one at a time, so that one can be against the pillow. I have been q-tipping you regularly... I just thought you should know that I'm not letting you down. You hear well but it hurts when you ache and I hear high pitched noises. I promise to lay low and keep quiet.

Dear lungs,
My oh my, how do I even start with you? You are so sporadic that I am continually coughing and breathing funny. I know they've been battling the Swine Flu one door over but come on, you can take it! I will drink some hot tea tonight, just for you, and I will breeeathe in the steam. Let's hope that helps you out mkay? You and me, we're champs. Those swiners ain't got nothin' on us.

Dear Lymph Nodes in neck,
You are so trusty when it comes to the common cold. I can always count on you to let me know when I'm coming down with something, but dang are you sore sometimes. And it's really uncomfortable! Thank you for being there and sucking up whatever bad you can get.

All in all, thanks for doing your job. People are praying for you and I believe in you all.

Love always,
Alexandra Seal

PS Let's all pull our weight in this, I've only got 21 more days till I see Andy and I want all of you at the top of your game!

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Moorea Seal said...

love this. also, q tipping your ears isn't good for them. you need a minor amount of gunk so your ears are protected. just use a tissue to clean your ears. q tipping them may be what is hurting them.