Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Starboard, Acai Bowls, and Long Weekends

This weekend, I went down to San Diego to visit my boyfriend. After traveling a whopping 12 hours in a car, we rushed to make it to our babysitting destination where we swam, made pasta, and gave the kids baths. Of course our trip would not have been complete without watching a show on gangs.
The next morning, we got these delicious Acai bowls, that had granola, this lovely acai and apple juice mixture, bananas, strawberries, and blueberries on top. We sat by the beach and finished those up, and then headed to meet with Alain, a professor at Point Loma. We went on a boat ride!

We had lots of fun for about 25 minutes, and then Andy got really seasick and spent most of the boat ride looking at the coast and sleeping, trying to ease off the barf that was just waiting to spew out.

Despite the seasickness that we both had by the end of the trip, I had a lovely time. My favorite part was just sitting at the very front of the boat as the water occasionally splashed on me, and the sails shaded me from the hot hot heat.
We then proceeded to Alain's house where we swam about and chatted for an hour. Then we had a traditional French meal and headed back to Andy's apartment to watch a movie. Of course I cried.
Sunday morning was spent going to a new church neither of us had ever been to. Andy got a job as an intern with the church's youth group, so we visited the church and went to both services. Not really my style of church but we had fun nonetheless and it was fun meeting new people.
After that we went to this awesome fish market that was in the bay, and boats would drop off fish and they would cook it right there and serve it to you. We had these yummy fish sandwiches and then headed to the ZOO!

Neither of us had ever been to the San Diego zoo, and it was so much fun! We saw the prettiest kitty cats and elephants and birds (but the birds weren't that interesting... besides the one that looked like it had been in a fight with a school bus. This is what it looked like

(Image found on google, but this is really what the bird looked like)

We saw the pandas and that was so much fun!!! There was this odd wall right next to the panda exhibit, that had professional and not so professional paintings of pandas. This was our favorite:

There is this cool thing called the panda cam online, and you can watch the pandas right now! It's of the mommy and new baby that was born a few months ago. We didn't get to see it in person because the baby is so little and they need to run tests or something..? But here is the pandacam online.

We had dinner at Panera Bread, which was sooo good. I wish there was one around here..
After dinner we saw Inglorious Basterds, which I loved. It was hilarious and all about justice, and Brad Pitt was killer. The violence caught me off guard on multiple occasions, and I was not expecting to see that many scalps separate from their head owners.
After that we traveled around and went to this pretty little beach, and stopped by the view that I'm pretty sure was the scene from Anchorman when Ron Burgundy defines "San Diego"...I won't write it on here but you can Google it if you feel so inclined.

Monday morning we went and grabbed some breakfast at Shade's in OB. Yum Yum spinach and sun dried tomato omelet. I packed up my things and stopped by to see an old friend, and then headed northward to pick up my mommy. We visited my grandparents and then drove home, probably record speed. I don't know how we got home so fast, but I'm very grateful we did and that we stayed safe.
I had a lovely Labor Dar weekend, and I hope you did too!

Question of the blog:
I generally have songs of the moment that I just love to listen to. This weekend I was all about three Daft Punk songs in particular. Do you have any song cravings right now?

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