Friday, September 18, 2009


Scatterbrained blog...

When I was a kid, I remember being taught that normal writing was not allowed in college, only cursive was used. HA! I have never used cursive in college. I also remember being taught to never use pen, "always pencil!" Wrong again! Every assignment I turn into my classes have to be in pen. But that's beside the point, which is cursive.
When my younger sister was in elementary school, she learned this handwriting called d'nealian, which is supposed to be some middle between normal and cursive writing? I just googled it and it looks like normal handwriting, so I don't know what the heck she learned in school... But it was this half-and-half mix that made the handwriting of her whole class absolutely awful.
Anyways, this is sort of a questions of the blog, so let's hope you enjoy me asking you questions, because I do really want to know what you guys have to say! 1. Do you remember learning cursive? 2. Do you still use cursive handwriting?
Random fact of the day about me: My favorite month in school is October, because it is my favorite month to write in cursive.
I always hated cursive until my senior year of high school.. I don't really know what changed then, but ever since, I go through little week long phases where I write everything in pretty cursive. 3. What words do you love to write in cursive?

I remember always being jealous of the kids in my class with L's in front of their names- like Lauren, and Lane... Cursive L's are just so beautiful! When I was young, I wanted to marry someone with the last name starting with L.
Cold hearted? Yes. Visually Appealing? Definitely.

Since then I have changed my mind, and I'd go with whatever last name there is to offer. G's are sort of frustrating for me to write though... Kidding kidding, I'm not judgin. 4. Does your signature look anything like your name written plain? Mine is usually just a bunch of squiggles. Alexandra Seal isn't very fun to write in cursive.
I wonder if my elementary school teachers would be proud of my handwriting, or just shun me at how curly and squiggly my words are sometimes.


miles b. said...

I never learned cursive. Thanks for rubbing it in. I have my own style though thats pretty much half and half... Only mine looks awesome and not crappy. It's legible too!
My first name on my signature is pretty normal... Except if i'm feeling sassy i ex the i instead of dotting it.
Since i never learned cursive i dont know how to write buckley, so i just do a huge B than as many squiggles and loops after it as i feel like for that day.

Mollie Underwood said...

i was just going to comment this to say at ncsa i never learned cursive.

i had to teach myself my junior year i think it was, it didn't work out well..

Moorea Seal said...

I LOVE CURSIVE. its a dying art. so depressing. tehy aren't teaching it in most schools anymore!!!!! I am teaching my kids for sure. types, fonts, lettering, words written are my LIFE> jsut you wait for my next big art piece...