Friday, September 4, 2009

Cats and Countries

I am leaving for San Diego in about 5 minutes... If it was my preference we would have left 7 minutes ago.
While I was putting my suitcase in the car, I realized that my two cats, Wellington and Adelade, have one main goal in life: liberation. AKA defeating the screen door. That main goal is met with a series of obstacles.
-Probably retarded
-Not sneaky
-Not proud enough to be sneaky
These flaws basically destroy any hopes for liberation from this house, but come on, who wouldn't want to live in a house where we aim to serve you in every way we can? If only they could see how other cat's are treated, they'd know how great it is to live here! The outside world is not that fun... And Wellington, if you didn't have short term memory loss, you'd remember that that is how we found you... skinny little gray cat abandoned at Bella's elementary school.

On another note, I played this game for the first time yesterday. I would highly recommend it.
THIRD WORLD FARMER. PS I got 501st place sucka.

Kbye I'm finally leaving for SD!! Please pray for our safety (I'm driving with my mom down there. I will drop her off in Laguna Beach area and then continue down to San Diego to meet up with my boyfriend. Yipee! Best weekend ever!

Happy Labor Day if I don't get around to posting by then!

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