Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cardboard Love

So cutesie!
I am very glad I stumbled upon this site this morning, it is just so precious. I randomly found cardboardlove.com, and it is basically just a site with a little cardboard posting every day. This is what the creator of the site says:

I never really intended for these little bits of cardboard to be a big deal, but the response has been both surprising and uplifting. In general, I am a pretty negative person. This project has been a chance for me to focus on the positive for a change. Some people like these, some think they are lame, to each his or her own. I’m just glad to have someone in my life that makes me not afraid to be lame.
Thank you for visiting. I hope something here makes you smile.

This is my type of cutesie romance. I love it, my heart just melts for this darling couple.

Simply wonderful. Have a beautiful day lovelies.

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