Friday, September 25, 2009


Failed attempts at get togethers
Out of stock, forgotten essentials
Made me nauseated and sent me home.
But you write such beautiful music,
and you say the prettiest words,
songs on repeat that I'm too poor to buy.

Remembering what I need to,
finally shaving my legs (thank goodness),
tailgated to the river with one speaker out.
Read and I read and I get it,
I understand.
I relate.
Nap, tan, camera, you bring me happiness.

Beauty in the world around me,
I can't find the courage in myself today.
Fed up! Lost? Shaky on the way back up.
Off day, that's it.
You're staying healthy, remember?
I fight off the urge for Mike and Ike's,
and settle for a salad. Hmph.
I want that comfort food,
and my comfort far away.

Get well soon,

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