Monday, September 28, 2009

That Book.

Wake up with a sore ankle,
what did I do in my sleep?
I'm eating right, it's go time
and I find my worst enemy right behind.
You speak like a drug deal,
my mind is higher and my heart is clear
I will listen to you but know that I tried.
Two plus two times seven,
I fly to you soon.Math test of doom today,
Chelsie I feel your pain.
And I don't like the word, but awkward
can perfectly describe you.
Thank you for talking to me today,
for praying,
I believe you when you say that.

Time for a trim,
calling in. Today.
Please give me rest, slow down my heart.
Bring me comfort when I am truly asking for an
Thank the Lord my Sociology book
finally came.
One month later. Good one.


miles b. said...

I'm glad you believe me. it was at 11:11 too... so that's always nice.

Moorea Seal said...

you so sexyt shitster.