Saturday, September 12, 2009

Late Night Rant

What is it about tonight? I wake up feeling awful, my day is mediocre, and I was not so excited to work. But work. went. so. incredibly. great! Goodness, I don't even know! It was just one of those nights that had potential to be bland, but really just rejuvenated me, and the reasons aren't even that great, but they are meaningful and beautiful.
I work with some really great girls. Sometimes a few of them really get under my skin, but tonight went really well in terms of getting along with them. There was a moment where I was feeling anxious and annoyed, but I received two text messages from two very important people to me, both regarding prayer. I was instantly reminded of the people that believe in me, and that care enough to put me in their prayers. How encouraging!
Tonight must have been family night for all of Nevada City, because there were SO many kids at Sushi Q tonight! I have been very pessimistic the past few days about this generation of parents, because I see less and less manners in kids and more careless behavior. But tonight, all of the kids were so gracious and lovely. There was a newborn with her tattooed mom, there were my favorite Asian/Hawaiian kids with their dad, kids who had just come from soccer practice... They were all so precious and beautiful. There must have been 7 different tables throughout the night with children, and it was so much fun just watching them play and be kids. I miss that at work sometimes, because we generally have just adult customers.
There was a couple that came in tonight that hadn't made a reservation, but I felt as though I should seat them, so we squeezed them into the smallest table at work. They were so grateful and spent the whole night hanging out with us and asking for sushi guidance. At the end of the night we gave them a complimentary dessert because it was their anniversary, and they just loved it! As they were leaving and saying thank you, the wife turned around and looked at us and said, "It's been 20 years. I can't believe it! And I still like him!"
Ugh. It was so cute. Just made my heart melt. I am excited about that one day.
Tonight was just so family oriented, and it really made my heart happy.
My life is a blessing, you are a blessing to me.

To you, I miss you. I like you. And I'll be seeing you soon.
To you, thank you for caring for me. Your friendship means the world to me.
To you, you are in my prayers, and that is the best I can do. But you are in my prayers, know that.
To you, I'll always be your friend, and you never need to worry about that.
To you, it is so beautiful to see you happy. You deserve that, you deserve the best, and I think you found it.
To you, and you, and you, good night. This is a blessing.
ps I'm going to do math right now! I am excited! Don't tell though!

Question of the blog:
I'm reading A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis right now. He has to be one of my very favorite authors. Who is your favorite author?

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